Design the context your team needs to stay aligned and motivated

Sametab allows you to build the context your team needs to understand and stay aligned on the what and the why of your business.

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Why we built Sametab

In a world where speed, time zones and multitasking change how people interact with their jobs, companies are facing an incredible challenge to keep their people motivated, aligned and aware of what matters.

All the products we've been taught to use didn't really help us sharing the context our people need to stay aligned around what matters and be motivated to do their best work.

Excellent communication and leadership are what allow humans to constantly challenge their limits and improve things. Yet leadership communication is getting lost in the noise. Important decisions, priorities, team updates and company news are still going through emails or chat apps.

We are reimagining a way for leaders to shape the context that matters to their business and share it across their entire organization in the most effective and delightful way.

In a world of distractions and information overload Sametab helps you communicate more efficiently, increase accountability, and keep everyone on the same page no matter what.