Better than Slack.
Faster than Email.

Slack and email aren't suited for persistent communication – people too often miss important things. We hear you. Sametab is the platform designed for team communication that matters.


Nobody will miss a thing

Not just important news. Use Sametab also to tell your leadership to your company or your team. Later, when you'll hear teammembers using your terms or phrases – you'll know that you'd made a connection, that your leadership had percolated down.

Whenever you open a New Tab
When something appears in your new tab, you just can't miss it. A simple but powerful way to make sure everyone doesn't forget to read important things.
Request Read Confirmation
Marked-as-read confirms you that your messages are being read. Posts that aren’t yet marked as read will remain in the recipient’s New Tab.
Never get lost in the noise
In Slack is hard to distinguish important messages from the general chit-chat. Things often slip through the cracks. Sametab gets it right.

vs. Slack

Real-time communication tools like Slack have a low signal-to-noise ratio. This makes it difficult for everyone to distinguish important messages in the general chit-chat.

vs. Email

Don't send internal emails with dozen of people cc-ed. No one would ever reply. Plus, inboxes are often cluttered and it's easy to lose important emails in the noise.


Restore order.
Increase transaprecy.

Sametab aggregates the most important company news around a lightweight company newsfeed, much like how Twitter and Facebook consolidate user interests around a simplified timeline.

Important things at hand


No need to learn a new tool.
No need to remind people to go to a specific website.
No need to change your team's behaviors.
Just open a New Tab.