Release Notes

Embed video

2019 / May / 1

This week we added the ability to embed video content in your announcements. Perfect for when you have to broadcast a message that is not best suited for words. This integration supports YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom. All you have to do to embed a video is to copy and paste the link from one of those sources.

Chrome Extension New Themes

2019 / April / 26

This week we are introducing two new themes of the Sametab Chrome Extension. If before Sametab you were using one of those Chrome Extensions to change your New Tab's background, we've got you covered. The wallpaper theme allows you to replicate the very same experience in Sametab. Every new day we'll show you a new landscape image.

Google Chrome Theme

If you liked the plain Google Chrome Default New Tab, that's okay. You can select this theme, everything will work just as you were used to. And yes – it does come in black in case you are using the Chrome Dark Mode.

Sametab 2.0

2019 / April / 2

This week we released a major release: Sametab 2.0. Besides a general re-design of the UI and UX improvements, this major release comes with both with new additional free and premium features. Some of the includes SSO for Enterprise Customers, Groups, Mark-as-Read, Employees Onboarding, Reactions, and a whole lot more.

Chrome Extension

In this new version of Sametab, we completely redesigned the user interface to be more useful and intuitive and re-engineered the codebase to improve the performance of the Chrome Extension. The new extension loads in less than 200ms – just as fast as your Chrome Default New Tab. Every time your team members will open a new browser tab they will immediately see all the latest important announcements. When they click on an announcement card, they will see the entire announcement. When they mark the announcement as read, they remove from their home page. Announcements always stay visible under the section Announcements.


This new feature will allow Admins and Managers to subset their company members in multiple groups and make announcements visible only in the Browser New Tab of only specific teams or departments.

Mark as Read

Admins and Managers will always be able to see who is aligned with their messages by asking people to acknowledge announcements as soon as they read them. This will allow managers to have full visibility to who marked things as read and who missed it. How many people in your company are in sync and how many are not.

Reactions 👏 🎉 🙇‍♂️

Admins and managers can now get a better sense of their announcements by enabling reactions. People will be able to quickly respond to announcements with emoji reactions.