Everyone in sync. Effortlessly.

We know how tough it can be to keep up with hundreds of groups and team members. The Sametab management dashboard is your all-in-one solution to ease that pain. Create, schedule and delete announcements from a single place.

Manage posts from one place
Managers can create, schedule and delete announcements from a single place.
A Little, Big Text Editor
We built a beautiful text editor from scratch. Markdown syntax, images, emojis & to-do blocks are all supported.
See who reads what
Keep track of who marked your announcements as read and see who is sync and who's not.
Schedule announcements
Sometimes you just want to be able to schedule things. We see that. With Sametab, you can publish posts on a specific future date.
Set announcements' visibility
Not every announcement is for the whole company. We hear you. You can send announcements just to specific groups or teams.
Customizable Profile
Customize your profile by selecting a profile picture, a personal bio, an email, your time zone location and, your twitter handle.

Top-down communication

Made Ridicously Easy.

Top-down communication has never been easier. Publish company or team's announcements in the New Tab of hundreds of people in a few seconds. Nobody will miss a thing ever again.

Your New Tab

Minimal and visually gorgeous

We set out to design a subtle, delightful, and beautiful New Tab.
We repeatedly meticulously refined every interaction. Everything, from the iconography to the typography, has been relentlessly refined.

Gorgeously designed
The browser is where you get things done and you open new tabs hundreds of times a day. We repeatedly pored over every detail to create a subtle and gorgeous New Tab experience.
Blazingly fast
Nobody likes waiting. We get it. Sametab's Chrome Extension loads the New Tab in less than 200ms – just as fast as your native browser New Tab.
Your company newsfeed
Sametab is your company newsfeed. Scroll and re-read all of your previous company and team's announcements in a single unified place.

When something happens

it happens on Sametab.

Use Sametab as high signal-to-noise ratio newsfeed for your organization. It's how you make sure everyone is always up to date with the most important things.

Designed for

Top-down communication

From company OKRs, important team decisions, new processes, strategy memos, meeting notes and employee shout outs, we've got you covered.

Important things at hand


No need to learn a new tool.
No need to remind people to go to a specific website.
No need to change your team's behaviors.
Just open a New Tab.