Automated Email Nudges

Sametab automatically reminds people when they missed an announcement with friendly email nudges

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As a manager, the way you communicate with your team plays a big role in their performance. Whether you are in a traditional office or a remote, distributed team, for any given communication, a big percentage of people will invitably miss it.

In today's distracting working environment that's not your team's fault, it's your fault. As a manager you always have to remind things. Managers who are deliberately redundant as communicators move their projects forward more quickly and smoothly than those who are not.

Our platform automatically send email nudges for must-read company or team-wide announcements. Email nudges are sent only to the recipients who missed the announcement. There are a total of three email nudges, sent in 1, 3 and 5 days after your announcement's publish date. People can mark announcements as read directly from the email nudge whithout leaving their inbox. Sametab automatically synchronizes the new read status and immediately remove it from the new tab.


Three Automated Email Nudges

Sametab automatically send Email Nudges to the work email of the people who missed your announcements. Three Email Nudges will be sent in 24, 48 and 72 hours since the publish date of the announcement.


Mark as read without leaving your inbox

The Email template contains the full body of the announcement. The subject of the email corresponds to the announcement's title. Below the announcement body there's a wide green button to let users mark it as read directly from their inbox. When an announcement has been marked as read via email our platform automatically removes it from the user's new tab and prevent other Nudges from being sent.


Automatic sync between Email nudges and web app

It's doesn't matter where an announcement has been opened, or marked as read. Sametab automatically consolidates all user data in simple and digestibale format so that you always know who opened, who opened but didn't acknowledge and who totally missed your message.

Analytics delivered to your inbox

We'll keep in you in the loop.
After 7 days since you published the announcement, Sametab will automatically send you a quick analytics recap via email.