Internal Home Page for Agencies

Streamline internal news, updates and stories to employees and contractors to stay aligned and achieve more together.
Company-wide News πŸ“’
Daily Frequency

The way you communicate with your employees is going to be reflected in how they interact with your clients. Constantly streamline top-down information to the team and make sure everyone is always fully aligned.

New HQ in New York City

Team, we're excited to announce our new HQ..

Company Core Values updates

We've updated 4 of our company core values..

New country manager in Canada

James Hamilton will be our new country mana...

Message from our CEO

A video from our latest company meeting inv..
Motivate your staff with public shout outs πŸ‘
Bi-weekly Frequency

Motivate individual contributors with public shout outs.

Thank you to Kevin Duerr for co..

Thank you to Kevin Duerr for coming to work e..

❀️ Brittany Robischon has continua..

She has gone above and beyond for the CCO...

Steph Klosse was incredibly helpf..

Not only she did provide a great technical sup..

Megan Everts is a staggeringly tho..

Her dedication, even as she transitions out of ..
Share and celebrate success πŸ…
Bi-weekly Frequency

Share milestones on a monthly basis to make sure no one feels left behind.

New sales record in Q4

Team, our Q4 has been amazing and I'm exci..

We closed our Series A 🍾

As many of you already know we are in the pr..

Welcome to Abby, our 100th empl..

Folks, we've got some news today. Abby Fulle..

Crossing our 10th Fortune 100

Team, it's been a great week. We've just cros..
Share project updates ✨
Weekly Frequency

Distribute project updates and make sure people are actually aware of it.

Digital Adv plan status update #orac

The marketing team has recently finalized the ..

Infrastructure assessment #oracle

Our security analysis has been finalized and w..

Sales Campaign update #orac

2 weeks have passed now and we're approach..

Josh is now the project leader for ..

Josh is now the ne PM leader for the #Pur
Clients reports πŸ“Š
Bi-weekly Frequency

Share periodic reports and analytics to make everyone aware of what’s going on in your business.

June all clients reports

Check out the reports we've gathered from all..

Customer meeting notes #oracle

These are the latest notes we've taken from ou..

New dashboard for #oracle

@Josh has done a terrific job with this single d..

Our top customer interviews

Make sure you listen to all our top-customer in..

Check out AES performance

AES performances help you understand what ..

Customer feedback survey

SurveyMonkey survey to help us understand..
Share internal birthday thoughtful notes πŸŽ‰
Bi-weekly Frequency

Recognize your team members for their work and make sure they feel connected to a bigger purpose. Share thoughtful and personalised notes to praise the best and thank them for their hard work.

Happy birthday Abby

Abby, it's been a great honour from all of us

Birthday this week πŸŽ‰

Josh, Marissa, Stefano, Alexander, Milos, we al..

A message to Jack Isner

Jack, we couldn't be happier for you and you..

Happy birthday Martin

Martin, the entire team wishes you a happy bir..
Share anniversary thoughtful notes 🎈
Bi-weekly Frequency

Publicly celebrate your team member’s birthdays. Surprise them and make sure they feel part of a bigger family.

Josh, 4 years with us

Josh it's been a great honour for all of us be..

Emily, 3 years today – congrats!

Emily, it's already been 3 years. We couldn't b..

Amy, congrats on the #1 year

Amy, times flies. This is the first of what we h..
Communicate policy changes quickly πŸ“˜
Weekly Frequency

Reduce ambiguity around tasks, procedures and standards.

New dress code policy

News, news and other news. This week we're ..

Onboarding training update

Please, review the new onboarding procedur..

Orientation training workshop

New dates for our orientation training worksh..

1st week workshop

Team, we've prepared a handful guide for you..

Harassment live training

Please, ask your team to attend the live betw..

Protocols update for PTO

A quick update on PTO for store mgrs & regio..
Team wall for new hires πŸ‘‹
Bi-weekly Frequency

Welcome new hires to the team with personalized messages that goes out to the entire company or just their department.

Meet Marissa Newman πŸ‘‹

Guys, please join me welcoming Marissa New..

Thank you, Marissa ❀️

This shout-out goes to @Marissa. In behalf of t..

What an amazing week πŸ™Œ

300 ticket closed, 2240 served customers, 55..

Kudos to Jane for the promotion πŸ‘

As you know Jane is our new regional store m..
Host internal internal interviews πŸŽ™οΈ
Monthly Frequency

Host internal interviews to share more about your coworkers and create a sense of transparency across your organization.

A week with Marissa Newman #we..

This week guest is @Marissa Newman. Prior to..

A week with Julia Dreyfus #we..

This week guest is @Julia Dreyfus. Prior to..

A week with Josh Hahn #weeklyin..

This week guest is @Josh Hahn. Prior to join..

A week with Jane Portman #weekl..

This week guest is @Jane Portman. Prior to..
kill email bureaucracy

Centralize knowledge

Kill email bureaucracy and bring sanity back to your coworkers' inboxes. Streamline announcements, internal newsletter, company news, protocols update to everyone in your organization and align your team on what's relevant to you and your business.

A lightweight new tab that cuts through the noise

Simple & organized knowledge

A dedicated high signal versus noise channel

beyond intranets

Higher engagement

Avoid setting and forgetting. Sametab isn't yet another intranet that nobody will ever use. Our browser extension doesn't change your team's behaviours and provide everyone a lightweight, secure and centralized way to systematically be aware of what's happening.

Install on every computer in a few clicks

x10 more engaging than old time intranets

Used every single day by everyone

feedback loop

Keep people accountable

Request explicit acknowledgment for important updates. High priority messages will disappear from people’s browser new tab only after they mark it as read.

Sametab works in the background and send automated email reminders to those who missed it.

Request for Read Acknowledge

Enable automated email nudges

Configure your own reminders

Lightweight communication tool made for fast-moving teams.

Kill email bureaucracy

Stop internal emails. Use a channel of equal effectiveness for internal comms.

x10 effective communication

Cut through the noise and deliver 10 times more effective internal communication.

No more misaligned teams

Prevent chaos. Have full visibility on who is aligned and who's missing out.

Zero learning curve

Just install Sametab on every device. No learning curve to get started.

Automated email nudges

Automated email nudges to those who missed important news.

Built with modern technology

Sametab is built with modern, clean and reliable technology.

"Sametab is our single most-used app and it has transformed the way we stay on the same page both as a company and as a team."

VP Marketing

– VP Ops at Leading Financial Services Firm

"We don't use internal email anymore. That's it. Everything that matters to our business is always shared on Sametab. It reduces noise and brought sanity back to all our inboxes."

Ludic VP

– Internal Ops at Multinational Real Estate Organization

"As a distributed team we have to streamline lots of internal newsletters and updates to keep everyone up to date. Sametab was the missing puzzle to ease that pain."

Ludic VP

– Talent Operation at Tech Organization

Try Sametab now

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