What is Sametab?

Sametab is a web application that helps you share context across your entire organization, whether it's a company news, a team update, a new important decision, or a story that nobody should miss. Think of it like a lightweight bulletin board where you share announcements. It's what everybody checks to get context around the things the matter.

What is not Sametab?

Sametab is not a new real-time chat tool, a new kind of enterprise social network or a peer-to-peer collaboration tool. Sametab is the place where you share the most important news and priorities that everyone in your team should read. It helps you and your team to cultivate thoughtfulness, minimize the amount of re-expression needed for shared ideas, encourage everyone to communicate in ways that value the time and effort of others.

How does it work?

Your coworkers have to download the Sametab Browser Extension and authenticate themeselves using their company email domain (yes, that's mandatory). When you publish a new Sametab announcement, everyone in your team will be able to see it when they open a new browser tab. Managers create, publish and manage announcements from the Sametab web application. Team members read company announcement simply by opening a new browser tab.

What can I share on Sametab?

The possibilities are endless. Here’s a short list of examples to give you an idea of Sametab’s versatility:

  • Share goals & OKRs
  • Quick team updates
  • Long form updates
  • Stories
  • Celebrate coworkers' promotions
  • Celebrate birthdays
  • Meeting summaries
  • Video and training
  • Discussions
  • Call updates summaries
  • Share new decisions
  • Celebrate coworkers' anniversaries

Why would I want to use Sametab?

Modern workplace apps keep everyone connected throughout the day, and yet it's become even more difficult for teams to stay aligned around what matters most. In the age of real-time chat tools, enterprise social networks, and emails important decisions, updates and company news are hard to distinguish in the stream of messages and easily get lost in the chit-chat. Because of today's absurd amount of noise and distractions it's harder than ever for leaders to design the context their teams need to stay aligned and motivated. Sametab helps you with that.

Is Sametab right for me?

While we do have a list of features for you to look at, Sametab is more of an experience than a checklist. The only real way to find out if Sametab is right for you and your team is to create a FREE account and find out for yourself. Usually, you’ll know the answer within a couple of weeks of using our service. If you have any questions after that, please do contact us.

Here's what we can say, Sametab might be a really good fit for you if:

  • Your company is distributed and you don't have a virtual bulletin board
  • You feel like your internal communications often slip through the crack and people miss important things
  • You are using tools like Slack or Workplace, but important messages often get lost in the general noise

How does Sametab compare versus FB Workplace or Slack?

Chat tools and Enterprise Social Network like Slack or FB Worksplace are great for collaboration and real-time communications but have a low signal-to-noise ratio. Important decisions, updates and company news are hard to distinguish and more often than not just get lost in the noise. Sametab provides an untouched space where leaders can step up to design the context their teams need to unlock their real human potential. Sametab has been designed from the ground up to optimize the way leaders communicate and how people can benefit from it.

How does Sametab compare versus plain old email?

Emails work for external communications but aren't optimal for internal communications. Here are a few reasons:

  • Inboxes are cluttered and noisy – important messages can't stand out
  • Inboxes aren't designed as bulletin boards – people can't use them as a reference
  • Emails content is static
  • Emails can't convey your voice tone and don't allow you to be empathic
  • Emails hardly makes you better at communicating wiht your team
  • Emails don't make people accountable
On the other side, Sametab helps you in each of these area:
  • You browser new tab is an untouched space where you can raise above the noise
  • Sametab is designed as virtual bulletin board
  • Sametab announcements aren't static
  • With audio and video announcement you can make you convey way more than text
  • Sametab helps you with insights on how to better communicate
  • Sametab analytics and acknowledge features give you accountability

What's required to use Sametab?

All you need is an Internet connection and some creativity (we can help with the latter). As a Sametab Manager you will be able to write announcement from our web application. Users will need to install our Browser Extension. Currently we support Google Chrome, but Firefox and Edge will be coming down the road. Users will be able to read announcement for the web application as well, but to use Sametab to its full extent we do recommend to install our Browser Extension. Read our guide to learn how to deploy Sametab in your organization.

How long do you keep my information?

Sametab will hold onto your information as long as you have a Sametab account. When you delete an entry, or when you delete your workspace, the information is deleted from our servers.

Is my data safe and secure with Sametab?

We do our best to ensure the safe keeping of your data on Sametab. Our servers are managed by Amazon Web Services and located in US East (North Virginia). We also offer plans with 128 bit SSL encryption so you can both share and read announcements via a secure transfer protocol. We also provide the ability to store information in an encrypted format in the database. You can learn more about our security measures here.

Do you provide a trial?

Yes. You can start a 14-days trial of Sametab Pro at any time. You will be able to use all Sametab Premium Features for 14 days. After that you can decide to switch to Sametab Pro permanently and keep using Premium feature or just go back to the FREE version. Keep in mind, you can keep using Sametab for FREE, no matter how many users you have in your account. Check out our pricing for more.

How much does Sametab cost?

Sametab’s tiered monthly plans range from FREE to the $5/month per user of Sametab Pro. You can learn about our plans on our pricing page.

Well, you'll be able to use Sametab to its full extent. Announcement analytics, Email Nudges, groups analytics are just some of our Premium Features. Additionally, all paid plans allow you to do the following on Sametab, which are not available to free accounts.

  • See in-depth analytics for every announcement
  • See in-depth analytics for every Sametab group
  • Send automated email nudges to those who missed your announcements
  • Advanced permission roles
Additionally, on our Enterprise plan the following features are also available:
  • SSO/SAML integrations
  • Unlimited Workspaces under the same organization
  • Workspaces analytics
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority support

Who are you guys?

Sametab was founded by 2 guys who thought they could build a better way for leaders to communicate to their teams. Leonardo and Antonio are good friends who share the same passion for building products. They had previously created successful digital products used by hundreds of enterprise businesses. If you have questions you can reach out to them personally.