Be remarkable.

From new company OKRs and important strategy memos to welcome message of new employees, Sametab has all you need to always keep your team members on the same page.

Set out your strategy

You should consider every surprise to your employees your failure. Communicate consistely the what and the why of your business.

Set clear expectations

Define your strategy

Make your plan clear

Welcome new hires

You just hired a new manager or a new employee? Announce it to your team or the entire company.

Welcome new employees

Celebrate promotions

Commend work anniversary

Clarify your vision ️️

Graft your vision in all your team members.
Send announcements to clarify your company vision and mission.

Share company core values

Share company vision and mission

Preserve your culture

Share Product Updates

Write an announcement every time you ship a new feature to production. From Marketing and Sales, to Customer Success and Customer Support, keep everyone in the loop.

Celebrate new product releases

Share new product decision

Share product progress

Share meeting notes

Keep meeting small and effortlessly allign multiple people at once with post-meeting announcements.

Foaster company transparency

Share meeting notes

Make everyone accountable

Share company OKRs and goals

Remind Objective Key Results with your company or with your teams and make sure everyone focus on the important tasks

Share company OKRs

Share team OKRs

Share personal OKRs

Share strategy memos

Share strategy memos with your team or with the whole company.

Clarify what matters

Let your leadership pervade

Share your thoughts

Important things at hand


No need to learn a new tool.
No need to remind people to go to a specific website.
No need to change your team's behaviors.
Just open a New Tab.