Employee communication
made simple

Sametab is the only employees communication software made from the ground up to share top-down company announcements on all your employees' browser new tab.


Share company & team updates

Sametab is the perfect solution for leaders who constantly need to distribute top-down company or departments' updates.


Team wall for new hires

You just hired a new manager or a new employee? Sametab is great for founders or team managers to announce new hires to the team or the entire organization.


Share Meeting Summaries

Sametab help managers keep their meeting small and effortlessly allign multiple people at once with post-meeting announcements.


Shares Goals and OKRs

Remind Objective Key Results and Quarterly Goals with your company or with your teams and make sure everyone is focused on the things that matter.


Share new processes & policies

Sametab helps HR departments to stay in touch with thousands of employees at once and make sure they are all update to date with the latest processes and internal policies.


Share Product Updates

Sametab is perfect to keep the entire organization in sync with each new product release. From Marketing and Sales, to Customer Success and Customer Support, keep everyone in the loop.


Share Customer Wins

Sametab helps sales leaders publicly celebrate new sales records or big customer wins and keep high the morale of the entire organization.

Important things at hand

Just ⌘ + T

No need to learn a new tool.
No need to remind people to go to a specific website.
No need to change your team's behaviors.
Just open a New Tab.