Sametab for Enterprise

Get SSO authentication, increased flexibility, management roles, authentications and other enterprise-caliber features.

Admin-friendly features

With a simple admin interface, it’s easy to add new workspaces, configure permissions and auto-provision new accounts. Advanced user types and permissions to enable oversight and enforcements.

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Sametab Enterprise can integrate with a variety of authentication providers including OKTA, OneLogin, and SAML ready. You can automatically grant licenses for members of a certain team or to manually approve every license request as it comes. Feel confident that your team can always access the apps they need without blowing your budget.

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Secure & reliable

With options like SSO authentication via Google, OneLogin, Okta, admins don’t have to wonder about security. All resources including announcements are stored and encrypted on our servers. For questions or concerns please write at or contact your account manager.

Premium Features

Switch to Sametab Enterprise to enjoy all the benefits of Sametab Premium plus increased flexibility and options control for admins.

Works wherever you do

Our platform integrates with a wide variety of apps and platforms, boosting the operatibility of your team members and giving you better controls.

Data Deletion/Retention

Permanently delete any type of data related to your Sametab Enterprise account.

Dedicated customer success

Let our customer success agents help you. Accelerate Sametab adoption with personalized training.

99.9% Uptime

Reliability and performance. That's it.
Need we say more?

User Provisioning

Automatically provision and deprovision members according to preferences set with your SAML provider.