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Enterprise-grade features for ease of deployment and complete control at scale.

Admin-friendly controls

With a simple admin interface, it’s easy to add new workspaces, configure permissions and auto-provision new accounts. Advanced user types and permissions to enable oversight and enforcements.



Sametab Enterprise can integrate with a variety of authentication providers including OKTA, OneLogin, and SAML ready. You can automatically grant licenses for members of a certain team or to manually approve every license request as it comes. Feel confident that your team can always access the apps they need without blowing your budget.


Secure & reliable

With options like SSO authentication via Google, OneLogin, Okta, admins don’t have to wonder about security. All resources including announcements are stored and encrypted on our servers. For questions or concerns please write at or contact your account manager.


Flexible APIs

Gain access to our APIs to retrive content and data points to embed them into your custom workflows.

Integrate Sametab content in your own internal product

Programmatically create and publish new content

Retrieve data and analytics

Install on every device in seconds

Install Chrome Extension

Sign up, download the browser extension and configure the workspace.

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Install the Sametab Browser Extension on all your company devices.

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We work with amazing companies

In the age of abundance of information, your ability to create signal from the noise by quickly zeroing in on the most valuable and relevant content creates a competitive advantage. Join the 200+ companies relying on Sametab for internal communication.

"Sametab is our single most-used app and it has transformed the way we stay on the same page both as a company and as a team."

VP Marketing

– VP Ops at Leading Financial Services Firm

"We don't use internal email anymore. That's it. Everything that matters to our business is always shared on Sametab. It reduces noise and brought sanity back to all our inboxes."

Ludic VP

– Internal Ops at Multinational Real Estate Organization

"As a distributed team we have to streamline lots of internal newsletters and updates to keep everyone up to date. Sametab was the missing puzzle to ease that pain."

Ludic VP

Talent Operation at Tech Organization

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