Automated Email Nudges

With Sametab, you know who saw your update. If it’s missed,  Sametab works in the background to remind them for
you with friendly email reminder.


Smart diffs

Sametab knows who saw, who acknowledged and who missed your updates. Sametab's smart diffs make sure email nudges are only sent to those who missed the update and people who read aren't alerted by the same message twice.

Rest easy knowing the product take care of reminders

Make sure people never miss important stuff

Get stats delivered to your inbox for any new update


Automated sequence

When someone missed an important update, Sametab triggers in background a sequence of three automated nudges. Three email nudges will be delivered to the user's inbox in 24, 48 and 72 hours until the user acknowledges the update.

First nudge is sent in 24 hours

Second nudge is sent in 48 hours

Third nudge is sent in 72 hours


Mark as read from the Email

The email nudge contains the full body of the update. The subject of the email corresponds to the update's title. Below the update a button lets users mark it as read without leaving their inbox. When a high-priority update has been marked as read via email Sametab automatically removes it from the user's new tab and prevents other nudges from being sent.

Mark as Read  with one tab directly from your inbox

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Ludic VP

Talent Operation at Tech Organization

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