Your Company Home Page in Your Browser’s New Tab

Share announcements, control your team's bookmarks and search across thousands of resources. All, from your browser new tab.

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A virtual bulletin board in your team member's browser new tab

Your teams may know the details of their project, but what about all the other work going on in your company? How do they find out about new processes, updates, decisions or even know they exists in the first place? Sametab provides a lightweight and secure way to strreamline company or team-wide announcements, weekly team reports, meeting summaries and more. Our Browser Extension brings that experience seamlessly to the browser's new tab of all your team members.



Customize company-wide bookmarks and timezones of everyone's new tab

Distributed teams can be hard to manage: bookmarks and time zones help your teams stay on the same page. Local time zones helps you keep track of where your teams are and when they are available. Bookmarks are company-wide quicklinks searchable from your team member's browser new tab. Use them make important documents, spreadsheets or relevant resources easily accesible to everyone.


Tools our customers access using Sametab Search

Google Docs, Confluence Pages, Airtable Sheets, Notion and Dropbox Files, GitHub Repos, Zendesk Macros and much more. Sametab searchbar lets you easily search across your company bookmarks and your personal local bookmarks. Easily access thousands of saved resources from anywhere, anytime.


Using Google Suite? Deploy globally Sametab Browser Extension in 3 min

If your company is using Google App for Business you can deploy Sametab across thousands of devices in 3 minutes (or less). Read our step-by-step guide in our documention to learn how to that today. It's free to get started.

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