Share company announcements in seconds

Share global company news in seconds in the New Tab of your team. Faster than an email, more effective than a Slack message.

4.5-star rating in the Chrome Store

Reinvent top-down communication

A new simple way to create a goal-oriented mindset.

Create announcements

Create new announcements in a dedicated simple web application.

Format announcements

Format your announcements as much as you like. You can write both markdown and HTML syntaxes.

Publish announcements

Set a publishing date and hit the publish button to deploy your message to hundreds of New Tab.

Deploy Sametab at scale in seconds

Want to adopt Sametab for your current employees?

Send the Chrome Extension link

Send your co-workers the Chrome Extension Link via Slack or email and tell them to install Sametab. All they have to do is open a New Tab and signup with their company email.

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Google Apps for business

If you use G Suite across your organization you can force the installation of the Chrome Extension to every connected device and deploy Sametab to hundres of employees in a few minutes.

Used by teams in 150+ companies