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Be informed in real time with aggregated data about announcements, teams and invididuals.

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Announcement Analytics

Have you ever wanted to see who has actually read your email? Or your Slack message? Or the post in your old-company intranet?
Our platform gives you real-time analytics about who is reading, who marked as read and who missed your announcements. Sametab automatically emails the author of the announcement with an analytics recap 7 days after the publish date.



Group Analytics

Are you sending announcements to multiple teams in your company? Sametab provides a full break-down to give you actual insights about who are the most and the least aligned teams.

Individuals Analytics

Have full visibility about who are the readers of your announcements.
Filter by people who never opened or opened but didn't mark as read your announcements to see who missed your message and is not understanding the full context. Our platform automatically reminds those people to read your message with Email Nudges.