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Share company-wide announcements in your team member's browser new tab

Chat and email get very noisy so it’s too easy for people to miss stuff that really matters. Sametab allows leaders and managers to share important company-wide or team-wide communications in their coworkers's Chrome browser new tab so it’s easier for everyone to get caught up on the latest and most important news.

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In-depth analytics from the get-go

See the full picture from the get-go so you always know for every announcement who is aligned and who is missing out. Sametab's Request for Acknowledge feature helps have full visibility of who read what.
Filter data per announcements, teams or individuals and make sure no one is left behind.

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Rest easy knowing Email Nudges can do the job for you

Sametab automatically sends Email Nudges to remind indivuals who missed out must-read announcements. Sametab will send three Email Nudges the week after the publication of the announcement. Recipients can mark announcement as read whitout leaving their inbox by clicking a button at the end of the email.

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Customize options before you send it

Customize every announcements based on who are the recipients and how you want them to interact with it. Enable Emoji Reactions to get the overal sentiment of your team, set the visibily and schedule it to make sure it gets published only to certain groups at a certain time later in the future.

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Sametab for your enterprise

Increase security and easily manage user accounts, while enjoying full access to advanced Sametab features. Integrate seamlessly with your existing identity management system — Okta, OneLogin and other leading apps to maximize productivity at your organization.

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