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Keep your team on the same page

Chat and email get very noisy so it’s too easy for teams to miss stuff that really matters. Sametab lets leaders and managers share important team communications in their team member's browser new tab so it’s easier for everyone to get caught up on the latest and most important news.

Download the Chrome Extension
Sign up and download the Chrome Extension. Add your company logo, configure your team time zones, your bookmarks and write your first company announcent.
Invite your team members
Next, invite your team members by email. Once they install the browser extension, (insert comma here) they will start seeing all of your announcements when they open a New Tab.
Start writing updates
You’ve done it! Now use Sametab to regularly share company announcements, team news, quarterly goals, welcome new employees and much more. Have fun.

Reduce noise

Enhance clarity of communication

Sametab is a high signal-to-noise feed that helps managers keep their team members in the loop. Leave no one behind and make sure everyone is always up to date with the most important updates, news and decisions.

Where you

Share what matters

Sametab is where managers and leaders share the latest and most important updates, news and decisions so that everyone in the organization can learn context about what matters.

Mark as read
Always see who is aligned with your announcements by asking people to confirm when they read them.
You can let people quickly respond to your announcements with emoji reactions.
Subset your company members in multiple groups to make announcements visible only to certain teams or departments.

vs. Workplace

Chat tools are great for employees collaboration and real-time communications but have a low signal-to-noise ratio. Important decisions, updates and company news are hard to distinguish in the stream of messages and easily get lost in the chit-chat.

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vs. Email

Emails are for external communications. Email software aren't designed as a digital bulletin board. Relevant internal top-down communications like important decisions, company news and team updates can't stand out in today's noisy and cluttered inboxes.

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How leaders

Keep their teams in the loop

Sametab helps you communicate new decisions, update the organization on changes, and make sure everyone is on the same page. No matter what.

One tab away


No need to learn a new tool.
No need to remind people to go to a specific website.
No need to change your team's behaviors.
Just open a New Tab.